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  • Duplex Printing Header Flags

    Duplex Printing Header Flags

    This duplex printing header flag can be digtially printed on both sides of a single-layer fabric. And the quality fabric and printing ink help yield a more vibrant color. The mirror printing effect makes sure your brand and logo double exposed.

  • Duplex Printable Custom Banners

    Duplex Printable Custom Banners

    Duplex printable custom banners ensure you enjoy 100% pennetration printing effect. While do the duplex printing, high-quality fabrics and printing inks are adopted to ensure the vivid and vibrant color.

  • Table Feather Flags

    Table Feather Flags

    As the mini version of our Display Flag, table display flag is a good choice for you if you want to decorate your site no mater in a formal or informal occasion with its light weight, small and distinct shape. Graphics are available with single or double sided prints. The hardware can be repeatedly used.

  • Podium


    Leave a deep impression on the audience with podium flags. Made from attractive yet durable polyester satin and available in many sizes, besides, they are portable and easy to use. They are also wonderful for permanent use as lectern banners in churches and educational environments.

  • Golf Flags

    Golf Flags

    Golf course flags are used for golf courses all over the world. Golf course flags play an important role in helping the player to find the hole. They are visible with bright colors on golf courses.

  • Garden Flags

    Garden Flags

    If you are considering to deliver your message in a vivid way at your garden, lawn or any other outdoor places, then you must need a garden flag. You can customize every aspect of your flag, from the shape, color, style, logo to material or even the finishing. The customized garden flag with your logo on it means much more than just an embellishment, but acts as a symbol, or a sign which delivers your messages to passersby.

  • Car Flags

    Car Flags

    Car flag is a fashionable way to display your logos and brands. No matter you are driving the car or you just stop at a parking lot, with a promotional car flag installed on your car, you can grasp people’s curiosity and attention instantly. Therefore, whenever you have an auto show or promotional campaign, there is no doubt that the car flags are the best choice.

  • Backpack Flags

    Backpack Flags

    The backpack flags are a perfect tool to promote business. It is ideal for promoting events and campaigns, your booth at an exhibition or keeping your tour group together.

    The printed flag is available in two types, four styles- Concave, Teardrop, Rectangle and U-shaped. 

  • Custom Pole Flags

    Custom Pole Flags

    Getting custom made flags for your personal use, business, organization or special event has never been easier, nor more satisfying. CFM streamlines the process and delivers quality workmanship, made to your specifications, for a wide range of flag types: custom pennant flags, advertising outdoor flags, custom banners, personalized banners, custom burgee flags, and even large custom flags.

  • Custom Banners

    Custom Banners

    Printed with vivid and vibrant graphic, custom banner is the best way to garner attentions from potential customers. Each custom flag can be made according to your graphic and scenarios. Our custom flag is definitely an optimum choice to make your promotion outstanding!

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